My Mother Next Door

My Mother Next Door

My Mother Next Door offers a fresh take on motherly abandonment (albeit next door). In her memoir, Diane Danvers Simmons navigates the universal conundrums of the mother and daughter relationship and navigating her unblended family from painful to joyous all with a sense of British wit and tongue-in-cheek comedy.


Mothers & Daughters


We created Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered as a safe space for honest conversations between mothers, daughters, and women of all walks of life.

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Exploring the Complexity of
the Mother-Daughter Relationship

The bond we share with our mother shapes our lives. While this connection can be nurturing and supportive, it can also be challenging and even detrimental. Join us for a transformative workshop led by Diane Danvers Simmons and her daughter Natalie Simmons. Together, we will navigate the intricacies and complexities of our identities as mothers and daughters, conflicting emotions of loss and longing, embracing forgiveness and acceptance, and discovering effective ways to foster open and honest communication to forge stronger bonds.


Women matter. Our voices matter. Our stories matter. Let’s break down the wall that divides us & share our stories to empower women of all ages, backgrounds & walks of life.


Let’s break down the walls that divide us and share our stories to empower women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.

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Diane Danvers Simmons
& Natalie Simmons

Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered was generated out of a realization of the parallel experiences we were having at 18 & 48, 26 & 56... you get the picture. The podcast came from the power of sharing our stories with one another, and has been built on the foundation of our mother-daughter relationship. Realizing how special our bond has been and the topics that it has allowed us to broach, we decided to take the conversation a step further by inviting others into the fold to explore female- centric ideas, controversies and stories with healthy boundaries and a willingness to debate and discuss different perspectives with empathy - all on tape.


A sense of belonging, safety, trust, and equal opportunity no matter your race, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Diverse viewpoints make us stronger together.

Leading with empathy.

Transcending fear to admit our faults, explore discomfort and stand up for what is important.

Respecting one another as our fellow human beings.

Nurture a beginner's mind by accessing the power of listening to explore and embrace new territory.

Speaking truthfully and listening earnestly with the hope of better understanding the experiences of those around us.

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