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Praise for My Mother Next Door

Diane’s, experiences and relationship with her mother touched all of my emotions, from love and happiness, to hate and sorrow. The strength, understanding, empathy, and compassion you ultimately gained from your traumatic experiences with your mother, along with your ability to forgive her, are life’s greatest goals. My Mother Next Door has inspired me to use my own 60-year-old lens to reflect back upon my own life to help me better understand the experiences that shaped the woman I am today. Your beautiful and heartfelt book has life lessons for all of us, and I plan to share it with my mother, my daughter, and all of my girlfriends. 

shelley ZALIS
Founder & CEO - The Female Quotient, Forbes magazine columnist, Co- founder of #SeeHer

This is a unique  and compelling story of mother loss, grief and healing. Diane offers us a beautiful model of how to live with the contradictory feelings of loss and longing in order to find the gift of acceptance for our imperfect mothers. Read this book and soak in the gift of personal growth that forgiveness brings.

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Author of "The Girl in the Red Boots" and "A Starving Madness”

A bright, lively account, leavened with humor and wit that take the edges off a unique story of loss, confusion and reconciliation with one’s circumstances and the mother who brought it all about. Ms. Simmons writes with flair, with insight, and with a generous heart. A delightful book worthy of a deep read.

greg fields
author of Arc of the Comet and Through the Waters and the Wild

Diane has captured the delightful soul of her younger self to spin a wonderful and gripping tale of the tug-of-war between family love and family struggle… a must read!

Ashleigh Banfield
Anchor of “BANFIELD” on Newsnation

Readers will appreciate this beautiful and honest story of the complexities in a mother/daughter relationship. Simmons reminds us, as daughters, we are deeply connected to our mothers, and how this impacts our own parenting.

dara kurtz
author of I am My Mother’s Daughter: Wisdom on Life, Loss, and Love

This book really touches the heart with a bit of much needed humor. A must read for mothers and daughters.

adrienne arieff
Author, Co-founder of Project Mentor

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