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Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered puts tough (and not so tough!) topics on the chopping block for discussion, debate, and deliberation through the intergenerational lens of mother-daughter duo, Diane and Natalie. Topics range from joyous commentary on the gifts of traveling like a local to deeper discussion about the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses and more.

a podcast for your soul

This podcast doesn’t shy away from the tough subjects, but leans into  conversations with integrity, curiosity and open-heartedness.

Let’s break down the walls that divide us and share our stories to empower women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.

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Diane Danvers Simmons

Meet Diane. Diane is a mother, world-traveler, writer, film-maker, reiki master, brand strategist, and beyond. Doing as women do best, Diane has worn many hats in life (though she’s more of a shoe girl herself). Taking on the corporate world by storm as an international ad exec by age 27, she has continued to defy expectations by raising and co-parenting 4 kids and a blended family, volunteering for notable organizations including the Women’s Fund’s Leadership Council, and building her women’s empowerment brand, Own It Feel It Live It. A British native and American transplant, Diane brings unique wit, humor, heart and candor to her storytelling through her written memoirs, articles, keynote speeches, and... wait for it… podcasts! As she would say, cheers!

Natalie Simmons

Meet Natalie. Checking most of the boxes you'd expect from a millennial: tech-savvy, achievement oriented, and restless *audible sigh*, Natalie is outspoken and honest-to-a-fault (she keeps Diane honest too)! By day, you can find Natalie problem solving and building relationships as the Customer Success Manager of a scrappy, NYC-based, employee experience startup, ZogCulture. By night, she is om-ing at yoga, dodging taxis and food carts on her bike, geeking out over integrated nutrition and holistic living, finding any and every green space in Manhattan, or breaking it down to Beyonce with her girl gang.



community - a sense of belonging, safety, trust, and equal opportunity no matter your race, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation

collaboration - diverse viewpoints make us stronger together

compassion - leading with empathy

courage - transcending fear to admit our faults, explore discomfort and stand up for what is important

civility - respecting one another as fellow human beings

curiosity - nurture a beginner's mind by accessing the power of listening to explore and embrace new territory

candid conversation - speaking truthfully and listening earnestly with the hope of better understanding the experiences of those around us


As an organization, we vow to:

never stop doing the work - listening, reading, researching, watching, supporting and donating

continue to reflect, learn and act on what needs to change

amplify female-centric brands owned by people of all races, genders, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations, including businesses, authors, poets, artists, activists and more

openly discuss topics of race, racism and prejudices of all forms on our podcast, blog and social media

host people of all races, genders, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations on our podcast

Because it starts at home.

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