April 15, 2021

Moving Forward with our Eyes Wide Open in 2021

When I sat down to write this blog earlier in the week my first sentence read, “welcome to 2021, a year of new beginnings, hope and promise.” However, as we’ve all become accustomed to in the past year, even things that may seem constant can change in an instant. 

We knew there would be unknowns, disputes, even tension in the United States leading up to the inauguration of President Elect Joe Biden, but as an immigrant of this nation, naively, I never expected an assault of this magnitude on our capital, a terrorist attack on our democracy. The only solace I can see is that, as history has demonstrated time and time again, sometimes we have to reach the brink of the unthinkable to regain a sense of equilibrium. To find this place of greater balance, I firmly believe we need to practice the art of listening, of the willingness to pay attention and hear different perspectives and most of all accept hard truths so we can make informed decisions. This is not easy, but it is the work we must do if we truly desire social progress.  

This ethos -- of listening and a desire to hear all sides -- is precisely why we started the Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered podcast. As we face mounting tensions and unease, I ask our listeners to pause and consider how we use our words, our voices and, in particular, I would ask every mother, sister, aunt and female role model to take the time to think about how we speak with and behave toward our children and to teach them that ‘hate’ is never the answer. Civility, kindness, and love starts at home.

Today, I want to, once again, thank all of you for supporting us, cheering us on our first season in 2020; and, in turn, share Natalie’s and my vision for 2021. 

I won't pretend that working together as mother and daughter has been as easy as we envisioned. We don't always agree and that’s normal and actually okay. In fact, after passing through the initial frustration, I’ve come to appreciate it as healthy and sometimes even enlightening. The fact is, even though she’s my daughter who grew up in my house, she’s now an adult with different life experiences, education, opinions and influences; and, in turn our roles have evolved as mother and daughter. A new chapter for us both.

Coming into 2021, we had an uncomfortable conversation (sitting in a stifling hot sauna, rather appropriate I'd say.) Our vision, our feelings and our level of commitment to the podcast are different in 2021. 

In 2021, we will have a monthly theme, giving us and our audience time to dive deeper, ask questions and learn more. We will be diving into conversations with everyday women, mothers and daughters (not star celebrities). We will talk to women we can relate to, who are making a real difference in the world by aligning their passion with their purpose, whether it be through nonprofit or for-profit businesses. These are women who are trying to do better, create better,  and who I believe  can inspire us all to lean into better lives. These women are the true beacons of light and hope, the role models that inspire strength and real hope in these times of unrest and misinformation. They are addressing real world problems and building awareness of issues that impact women and girls both in the USA and globally -- whether it be as simple as healthy sanitary supplies so a girl can go to school or troubling as combatting human trafficking. Our guests model compassion, inclusivity, empathy and generosity.

Ultimately, I believe that most of us just want truth and to know there is a safe space where we can have these sometimes uncomfortable, but very necessary conversations without judgement. At least that’s what I hope for. By partnering with other mothers, daughters, and women from all around the world who share this vision, we can begin to take the necessary steps to amplify positive messages and restore a sense of hope in humankind.

I hope you’ll learn with us from the stories we share this year, ranging in cultural, personal, social, global, intergenerational, even political perspectives. And maybe, in time, we can begin to find healthier balance again in our lives  personally, professionally, socially, spiritually, with nature and in the world.

We can’t do this without you. Please let us know what's important to you; DM or email us with  stories you’d like us to share for us to forge a brighter, more united future together.

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