A Bride, MoB & Wedding Planner Walk into a Bar...

Interview by
Diane Danvers Simmons
Natalie Simmons
Published on
September 16, 2020

In this episode...

The ladies talk about weddings—the stressors, family dynamics, finances and staying connected to what's important—with mother-daughter duo, Lucy & Cat and NYC wedding planner, Ashley Douglass.


Ashley Douglass

After ten years with ADE and over sixteen years in the events industry, Ashley Douglass creates seamless and meaningful wedding experiences for her clients and their guests with her signature combination of cheerful energy and attention to detail.

Cat Buckley

A native Washingtonian, Cat and her husband recently moved out of New York back to D.C. She is an educator and writer.

Lucy Buckley

Born in Tokyo and raised primarily in Asia, after a lifetime of traveling Lucy now divides her time between Washington, D.C. and Maine.


Diane and Natalie get the 4-1-1 on wedding planning with planner (Ashley Douglass), mother of the bride (Lucy), and bride (Cat). The ladies gab about weddings -- the stressors, family dynamics, finances and staying connected to what really important, the union of two people. We come to learn about the role of the wedding planner as master of logistics, design, conflict resolution and so much more. 

3:45 Diane introduces the guests of the day Cat Buckley (bride), Lucy Buckley (MOB) and Ashley Douglas (wedding planner).

4:15 The guests introduce themselves starting with Lucy.

5:00 Cat shares a funny story about how her and, husband, Mike met and he remains in her phone as “Mike OKCupid”

6:25 Ashely shares her journey to becoming a wedding planner. 

8:45 The group jokes about the wedding planner taking on the role of therapist. 

9:15 Lucy explains why and how she researched wedding planners.

10:45 Natalie asks Ashely to explain how she approaches wedding planning.

13:15 Cat and Lucy talk about their vision for Cat’s wedding and get into the production that weddings are today.

15:00 Cat shares some of the funny games her and husband Mike have made out of attending 30+ weddings together.

16:15 Lucy acknowledges how Cat and Mike didn’t lose sight of what their wedding was all about: one another. 

17:45 Diane asks the ladies to share how Ashley helped overcome the stress of a wedding and family dynamics. Asking about their personal dynamics with divorce and loss.

21:30 Ashley speaks to what she feels the benefits are of an experienced planner. 

23:00 Diane asks Cat and Lucy to talk about the emotions of the day.

25:15 Natalie brings up the taboo topic of money and how budgets were navigated.

27:00 Ashely enlightens us on what she would warn mothers and daughters to watch out for as they plan a wedding together. 

28.12 We end on final words of wisdom and what to hold onto from mother and daughter.


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