Getting to Know Diane

Interview by
Natalie Simmons
Published on
June 12, 2019

In this episode...

Get to know co-host and mother, Diane, a little better as interviewed by daughter, Natalie. Discover why we created this podcast and how we will be structuring our conversations.


Diane Danvers Simmons

A British native and American transplant, Diane brings unique wit, humor, heart and candor to her storytelling through her written memoirs, articles, keynote speeches, and... wait for it… podcasts!


In this pilot episode of Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered, host Natalie Simmons interviews her mother and co-host, Diane Danvers Simmons. Diane shares her story, her motivations behind starting the podcast, and her advice for a successful mother-daughter relationship. When Diane was 16, Diane’s mother left her family and moved into the house next door. This devastating life event began Diane’s journey of self-discovery and her resolution to be a better mother to her own daughter. As Natalie grew up, Diane intentionally set aside time for them to spend together. These outings started as teas and lunches, and then eventually turned into longer trips all over the world. In this episode, Diane and Natalie reminisce about their memorable trip to Morocco. They took the trip during a difficult season in both of their lives, and, in Morocco, they strengthened their bond through exploration, meditation, yoga, and reconnected with one another. The mother-daughter relationship, Diane admonishes, can be either life’s best relationship, or its worst. Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered aims to help mothers and daughters navigate their relationships, and to encourage intergenerational dialogue. 

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Key Ideas:

01:15 - The “Own It, Feel It, Live It” framework.
02:30 - Diane’s story of moving from London to the United States.
03:36 - A summary of My Mother Next Door: Diane’s upcoming memoir about the events of her teenage years.
05:48 - Diane’s separation from her husband and journey to discovering herself.
06:57 - The 3 stages of life and the evolution of the mother-daughter relationship.
08:43 - How mothers can step towards their daughters during their teenage years.
10:57 - Diane and Natalie’s life-changing trip to Morocco. 
12:55 - What inspired “Own It, Feel It, Live It.”
15:42 - How Diane is currently owning, feeling, and living the podcast.
16:39 - The nuances of the mother-daughter relationship.
18:55 - Diane’s mothering tip: know when to listen and when to give advice.
23:10 - The importance of an ongoing intergenerational conversation.

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