Hindsight on 2020

Interview by
Diane Danvers Simmons
Natalie Simmons
Published on
December 16, 2020

In this episode...

The say hindsight is 20/20... so join the mother-daughter duo themselves to rehash their experiences. Diane & Natalie reflect on their personal lives, year one of the podcast together, and the broader cultural effects of the year we will never forget -- 2020.


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1.30 Natalie and Diane introduce the last episode of the season -- number 25 -- covering reflections on the year.

3.00 Natalie asks Diane to share what the year has taught her.

4.00 Diane reflects on how this year has amazed her in -- good ways and bad. 

5.45 Diane acknowledges the gratitude she has for her home in this year.

6.15 Natalie identifies the privilege she and her family have which has been amplified by the pandemic.

9:45 The duo jokes about spending time together as adults during COVID. 

10.30 Natalie reflects on the paradox of COVID to force us to look at the world both in local and global terms.

13.45 The ladies talk about some of the issues that were brought to everyone’s attention in 2020 such as racism and gender disparities like the burden of the working mother.

18.30 Diane & Natalie discuss the challenge of living with uncertainty and the existential anxiety that the pandemic causes.

23.15 Natalie asks Diane what surprised her this year? And asks her to reflect on whether she fulfilled her 2020 intentions even with the curveballs this year gave us?

24.00 Diane admits some of the unexpected challenges of working with her daughter, Natalie and she responds in-kind.

27.00 The ladies discuss the importance of boundaries both in work and personal.

32.30 Natalie reflects on her own 2020 reflections.

37.00 Natalie asks Diane what her 3 intentions for 2021 are.

39.00 Diane asks Natalie for her 3 2021 intentions.

42 .00 Natalie talks about how this time has allowed us to commit to understanding our feelings and thoughts.

43.00 As we come to a close and go into 2021, Diane reminds us (as guest Laurel Lembo said) “it is; what it is.”

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