Is the Golden Rule Still Relevant?

Interview by
Diane Danvers Simmons
Natalie Simmons
Published on
June 12, 2019

In this episode...

Join us to explore the relevance of the Golden Rule in the 21st century with Reboot the Future Foundation’s co-founder, Kim Polman. In a time when the world’s problems can feel insurmountable, explore how small changes in our behavior can have larger effects on the world around us.


Kim Polman

Kim Polman is the co-founder and chair of Reboot the Future as well as an international public speaker, musician, and vice-chairman of an East African charity. An avid advocate of the Golden Rule, Kim co-authored the book Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation.


In this episode of Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered, hosts Diane Danvers Simmons and Natalie Simmons speak with Kim Polman, the co-founder and chair of Reboot the Future. Kim is also an international public speaker, teaches and performs music, and is vice-chairman of an East African charity, among many other things. An avid advocate of the Golden Rule, Kim co-authored the book Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation, which is a collection of essays written by thought leaders and business leaders, on how living compassionately can change the world. Kim’s mother always modeled the Golden Rule for her daughter, showing Kim how to treat others and the world with kindness and selflessness. Kim expresses that mothers and daughters have the unique opportunity to help each other become their best self; family is the best place to practice the Golden Rule. The current educational system, Kim iterates, promotes a selfish and competitive mindset, and it is our job to learn how to actively listen and develop empathy for the people around us. At the end of the episode, Diane, Natalie, and Kim ask listeners to consider this question: Did I live the Golden Rule today?

Key Ideas:

01:54 - The goal of Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered.
04:02 - How Kim’s love of nature has influenced her understanding of the Golden Rule.
05:42 - How Kim’s mother modeled the Golden Rule.
07:53 - What propelled Kim to co-author her book Imaginal Cells.
10:46 - The metaphor of the imaginal cell.
14:38 - Thomas Friedman’s answers to the three overwhelming global forces.
17:06 - What each individual can do to impact the world.
20:07 - The importance of active listening.
22:42 - Empathy, courage, and taking action.
25:55 - Accepting accountability and what it means to be human.
27:24 - The tragedy of religious conflict.
29:51 - How the education system has promoted a competitive worldview.
31:04 - Did I live the Golden Rule today?

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