Losing A Mother & Preserving Her Memory with Author, Dara Kurtz

Interview by
Diane Danvers Simmons
Natalie Simmons
Published on
September 2, 2020

In this episode...

The women discuss how we move through the grief of a losing one’s mother—and how we can keep their memory alive—with Dara Kurtz, author of “I Am My Mother's Daughter: Wisdom on Life, Loss, and Love.” Together we acknowledge the importance of allowing ourselves to grieve, moving through pain, honoring our emotions, and embracing the lessons and traditions passed down from our mothers.


Dara Kurtz

After losing her mother and being diagnosed with the same disease, cancer, at the age of forty-two, Dara has redirected her career to speaking, writing and podcasting. She released "I Am My Mother's Daughter" in September 2020; her life's mission is to use her experiences to spark joy.


1.45 The episode begins, Diane and Natalie share some background information about Dara and the essence of episode 19. 

3.45 Natalie introduces the concept and value of the “sharing journals.” A concept that Dara started and shared with her daughters in their youth.

6.30 Kicking off with a warm-up question, the ladies each ponder a small piece of wisdom or mantra their mother has imparted on them.

9.00 In her own words, Dara starts to tell her story and what her emotions were when she found out her mother's cancer diagnosis while pregnant with her firstborn.

10.30 Dara opens up about the bittersweet reality she faced as she had her first baby and lost her mother all within months.

11.00 The group explores some of the learnings Dara happened upon while writing her book including the discovery of how she suppressed her grief and her response to her cancer diagnosis.

13.00 Diane opens up about the loss of her father at a young age and the sadness she’s faced in her kids never meeting him.

15:00 The ladies discuss the importance of acceptance and the role of “moving on.”

17.30 The group learns about how Dara discovered a ziplock bag of letters which contained love and wisdom from her mother and grandmother.

20:00 The ladies discuss how we can keep the memories of loved ones alive through traditions and rituals.

23.00 Diane & Natalie learn about the “mother daughter journals” Dara started with her daughters and discuss writing as a modality for personal healing and interpersonal communication.

26.00.Natalie asks Dara about the path to the “other side” of grief.

28:00 Concluding with a final message of hope, Dara expresses the importance of sharing how you feel, stating, “Don’t hold back on how you feel. Take the time to tell the people that you love and care about how much they mean to you.”

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