Mom... I Think I Got My Period

Interview by
Diane Danvers Simmons
Natalie Simmons
Published on
May 18, 2021

In this episode...

Let’s talk about periods. In conversation with The Organic Project (TOP) Co-Founders, Thyme Sullivan and Denielle Finkelstein, the ladies talk candidly and laugh often about an experience all women share but few talk openly about. Learn about what’s in your tampons and why organic is so important; how you can skip the cardboard and cup while still “saving the planet”; and, when and how you can start the period talk with your daughter.


Thyme Sullivan

Co-Founder of The Organic Project (TOP), Thyme brings 27 years of Executive consumer product experience to her period product company. After identifying a gap in the market, Thyme and partner, Denielle, are inspired to design better and more eco-friendly period products for their daughters.

Denielle Finkelstein

Co-Founder of The Organic Project (TOP), Denielle brings a career in marketing and retail along with a personal passion for all things organic to build a brand that is healthy and safe for our girls and the environment.


In Season 2 Episode 3 of Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered, hosts, Diane & Natalie, invite guests, Denielle and Thyme, to discuss women’s health focusing on periods. Denielle and Thyme are the founders of TOP, The Organic Project, focused on creating sustainable, organic tampons and pads. The women share their desire to re-frame the conversation and make it less taboo for all. Aligned in emphasizing the importance of intergenerational conversation the women conclude by emphasizing the need to raise an educated generation of advocates and empowered women who feel knowledgeable and empowered around their bodies and health!

Key Ideas:

0:56 - Introduction and welcome to Mothers and Daughters Unfiltered

2:48 - First periods and funny stories relating to them

11:33 - How TOP, The Organic Project, got started and their mission

13:49 - Period poverty

15:56 - The importance of organic period products

18:52 - Transparency on what tampons are made with and how TOP’s ingredients differ

23:22 - TOPs approach to sustainability and their perspectives on the cup

32:05 - Thyme in the tampon suit

36:34 - Knowledge is power, starting the period conversation with our daughters early

40:01 - The period tax & working with nonprofit organizations

46:22 - Words of advice on how we can get involved in the conversation and support women’s menstrual health


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