Mother Daughter Diaries: COVID-19 | The Gen-Z Perspective

Interview by
Diane Danvers Simmons
Natalie Simmons
Published on
June 10, 2020

In this episode...

In the 4th installment of the Mother Daughter Diaries: COVID-19 series, Diane & Natalie gather perspective from two teenagers, Addy (16) and Chloe (13) and their mother, Christine. The group discusses the role of technology, staying connecting with friends, the future of education and how they are coping with the "new normal" as a family.


Christine, Mother

Christine is Vice President of Philanthropic Services at the Community Foundation for Monterey County and a mother of two. Throughout her career, Christine has served as an advocate for healthy families, women’s issues and community.

Addy, Daughter (16)

Addy is a 16 year old Sophomore at Carmel High School. She enjoys sports, baking, gardening, animals, traveling and hanging out with friends.

Chloe, Daughter (13)

Chloe is 13 year old 7th grader at Carmel Middle School. She enjoys being art, outdoor adventures, walking her dog Shay and hanging out with friends.


Diane introduces the 13th MDU podcast episode and 4th installment of the Mother and Daughter Diaries: COVID-19 series in which Diane & Natalie have interviewed other mother-daughter duos on their experience of the pandemic. Natalie & Diane introduce the episode’s guests - mother Christine and her two high school daughters, Addy & Chloe.

The group shares what is bringing them joy in tough times from dog walks to gardening and the ultimate joy - human connection.

Addy & Chloe dive into the transition from busy school and after-school schedules to online education.

Christine (mom) shares her experience managing a household of emotions, changes and her adjustment of working from home.

The youngest of the trio, Chloe, talks about needing space from her sister and mom and how the conversation of personal boundaries was set off. 

The teens discuss how exhausting online schooling can be and what a day in the life of a COVID-era teen looks like.

Mom, Christine, shares how her work day has evolved and some tricks she is using to avoid “Zoom fatigue.”

The group discusses the need to set healthy boundaries with technology alongside the necessity of their devices to stay connected to their friends. 

Addy & Chloe depict what the future of school might look like post-pandemic as portrayed by their school leadership.

Christine, VP of Philanthropic Services at the Community Foundation of Monterey, reflects on the impact of the pandemic on families, mothers, individuals and under-resourced communities across the county and the need to bridge divides.

The group discusses the things that they have learned from this time and what they hope to bring with them into the future.

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