Questions We Want to Ask Our Daughters

Interview by
Diane Danvers Simmons
Published on
February 14, 2020

In this episode...

During this episode mother, Diane, interviews daughter, Natalie... cue dramatic music *dun dun dun*. Join us as we dive into our intentions for the new year, core values for the podcast and lessons learned from mother to daughter.


Natalie Simmons

Checking most of the boxes you'd expect from a millennial: tech-savvy, achievement oriented, and restless *audible sigh*, Natalie is outspoken and honest-to-a-fault (she keeps Diane honest too)!


In this episode of Mothers and Daughters Unfiltered, listeners get to know Natalie better. Natalie begins the conversation by describing her morning meditation practice, which includes sun salutations, journaling, and meditation. She places a focus on gratitude and being in the moment, and has found that meditation has deeply impacted her life. Diane and Natalie discuss why they are doing the podcast, as well as the relationship between mother and daughter in relation to vulnerability and honesty. They are both passionate about women coming together, learning from one another, and forming a community. They share their seven Cs: community, collaboration, compassion, courage, civility, curiosity, and candid conversation. Natalie details her experiences with compassion, courage, and curiosity. In a touching moment, she reveals the biggest lesson she has learned from her mother: that she can do anything she puts her heart and mind to. Finally, Natalie shares how she plans to own, feel, and live her finances in the upcoming year.

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Key Ideas:

02:23 - Natalie’s meditation practice.
04:43 - Why Natalie decided to embark on the journey of podcasting.
06:08 - The importance of vulnerability in a mother-daughter relationship.
09:11 - Why it is meaningful for the two to be working together as mother and daughter.
11:30 - How women coming together and forming a community can make a huge impact.
14:00 - The 7 Cs and the podcast’s guiding principles.
17:18 - How courage has shaped Natalie’s life.
19:24 - Embracing the curiosity of a child as an adult.
21:41 - The biggest lesson Diane taught Natalie.
25:57 - The importance of community in personal development.
28:55 - Natalie’s advice to millennials on how to relate to their mothers.
30:34 - Natalie’s passion for being seen and heard.
32:30 - Owning finances and Natalie’s approach in the new year.
33:48 - The feelings that money brings.
34:43 - How Natalie will “live it” by being more intentional with her money.

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