Swiping Right at Any Age

Interview by
Diane Danvers Simmons
Published on
March 4, 2020

In this episode...

Buckle up for laughs and some real talk about every modern day single's favorite topic -- online dating. Diane moderates as Natalie is joined by single friend, "Ashley", and divorcee duo, "Helen" & "Vanessa" for some raucous debate on which apps to use, ghosting and more! This one is for the grown-ups only ;)


Ashley Twenty-Something

Ashley's OkCupid Profile: Possibly a kind human. Looking for a dog dad.

Natalie Twenty-Six

Natalie's Hinge Profile: We'll get along if... you're shockingly honest and not afraid to be yourself. I'm overly competitive about... most things. That's why I practice yoga #balance. Believe it or not, I was almost killed by famous surfer, Kelly Slater, with a golf ball.

Helen Fifty-Something

Helen's Match Profile: I'm not really looking for anything serious but I'm interested in meeting new people and having a great conversation. I love a quirky sense of humor and someone who wants to laugh through life.

Vanessa Fifty-Something

Vanessa's Tinder Profile: Figuring things out! However definitely not into hook ups! Love the outdoors, gardening, yoga, cooking, traveling, going out for a cocktail or to dance or staying in with a book or movie. If you're not a dog person don't bother ;)


In this episode of Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered, hosts Diane Danvers Simmons and Natalie Simmons talk about the complexities of being a single woman today. Together they interview three anonymous women: Helen and Vanessa, in their 50s, and Ashley, in her 20s. With the growing trend of online dating, these women discuss and compare their experiences with dating in the digital age.

To begin, the women laugh and share surprising stories as they review their dating app preferences. Helen and Vanessa prefer Bumble and Tinder, but amusingly find that older men are not very honest about their age… or their height. The women also discuss the balance between searching for fun, pleasure,and relationships. Ashley and Natalie are still exploring what they want out of dating. In the digital age, too many options and the hunt for the next best thing are a reality for single women. However, Helen and Vanessa encourage the casualness of simply meeting many new men to learn their story.While meeting people in the physical world used to be a reality, now more and more people are finding what they are looking for online. Whether you are a single woman in your 20s or 50s, there is a lot to learn from this podcast and online dating today!

Key Ideas:

01:13 - Diane introduces her anonymous guests: Helen, Vanessa, and Ashley all test out their “sexy voices”.

02:54 - The women start the conversation by sharing something positive and attractive about one another.

08:09 - Helen and Vanessa share what online dating platforms they use and which they prefer. On their search for fun casual dates, they use Bumble and Tinder.

17:32 - Natalie and Ashley discuss their preferred online dating platforms and what they are looking for in dating. They explain why they aren’t looking for the responsibility of a relationship.

23:39 – The group talks about having too many options on dating apps, and how that has changed the dating experience today.

26:00 - Natalie shares the different dating cultures in New York City and Washington D.C. and the pressure of swiping for the “right” match.

26:32 - The women discuss Match and the differences between other dating apps.

29:39 - It is not common for the younger generation to be set up on dates by other friends, and it is harder to meet men out in public.

32:17 - The women discuss “texting pals” and all too often receiving of “dick pics”.

37:00 - The women talk about the reality of “ghosting” today.

39:06 - Natalie shares a dating story involving a taxi driver, pizza, and a sunrise.

41:17 - Each of the women shares one lesson they have learned during the podcast discussion.



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