The Reemergence of Fashion Post-COVID with Alison Bruhn and Delia Folk

Interview by
Diane Danvers Simmons
Natalie Simmons
Published on
June 16, 2021

In this episode...

In Season 2’s fourth episode Diane & Natalie combine forces with fashion’s mother daughter duo, Alison Bruhn & Delia Folk of The Style that Binds Us. Together we shed our pandemic sweatsuits and discuss the re-emergence of color, pattern and fashion as we know and love it this summer!


Alison Bruhn

Co-Founder of The Style That Binds Us, Alison Bruhn, is a national style and image consultant with clients across the country. The purpose of her work is to empower women through creating a visual brand and transforming their style to ignite a new path of confidence and independence.

Delia Folk

Co-Founder of The Style That Binds Us, Delia Folk, started her career in the fashion industry by interning at Versace in Men’s Wholesale. Having kick-started her career at world-renowned fashion institutions, Delia is committed to sharing the knowledge she’s learned with others.


Did fashion die out in COVID? According to Alison Bruhn and Delia Folk of “The Style That Binds Us,” people dressed very intentionally—even during COVID. Clothes were still serving a purpose: to soothe. People wore big fluffy robes and slippers or soft sweaters and sweatpants. They choose pieces of clothing that cocooned them in safety and comfort. The world needed comfort in a time where everything was frightening. 

But what about Post-COVID? In this episode of Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered, Diane and Natalie chat with this mother-daughter duo about the future of fashion. The ladies also talk about how “The Style That Binds Us'' was created, why they feature certain brands, and how you can create the perfect core wardrobe. Don’t miss this fun fashion-filled episode!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • [1:50] The genesis of The Style That Binds Us
  • [6:58] Fashion icons they look up to
  • [10:25] The reemergence of fashion post-COVID
  • [14:19] The “less is more” concept of dressing
  • [17:32] Finding up and coming designers
  • [23:05] A conversation with a fashion historian
  • [25:13] Don’t be afraid to get things tailored
  • [28:49] The styles emerging out of COVID
  • [32:25] The one thing a woman should invest in
  • [39:45] What Delia and Alison have learned about each other

The Genesis of The Style That Binds Us

When Delia went to college, she decided she wanted to move to New York and work in fashion. But finding a job in a city and industry where you don’t know anyone is a lot to navigate. Delia ended up interning at Versace in Men’s Wholesale and worked at Barney's New York on the buying team. 

Through that experience, her mom (Alison) helped her prepare for the interview process and rediscovered her love for fashion. So she went to FIT and obtained an image consulting certificate. After a short journey on parallel paths, Delia and Alison decided to launch a YouTube channel and podcast. In April 2018 they combined forces and created “The Style That Binds Us.”

Finding up and coming designers

When Delia was at Barney’s, she loved meeting with brands during market season. She’d go to a showroom and the designer would tell her the story of the season. The buyer selects—out of the whole collection—what makes sense with their store. It was truly magical for Delia. Since then, she has taken it upon herself to find the latest and greatest emerging brands.

Luxury items are wonderful, but it’s not realistic for an entire wardrobe or the modern women’s lifestyle. Once Dellia left Barney’s, she left with Alison to go to London, Milan, and Paris. On that trip, they thought about the kind of designers that made sense for their audience. They have a defined list of questions they ask before partnering with a brand. Why? They want to make sure the brand is not only the right price point and quality but that they love the founder and the story as well.

With their platform, they can tell the stories of those brands. Doing so makes the customer feels like they’re part of the brand which fosters loyalty. It brings the brand to life. Everything about The Style That Binds US—since day one—was about pulling back the curtain to see the behind-the-scenes of the fashion world.

The reemergence of fashion post-COVID

The resurgence of fashion after COVID might be similar to the Roaring ‘20s. However, the financial situation of the nation is a little different than before. People might wear the same things but play with different accessories. Or they’ll play around with older looks and make them look new again. 

It’s a part of considered consumption. Clothes that you’re tired of can be donated or sold on thredUP. You have to be thoughtful with purchases and get fewer exquisite pieces. You can get things altered to make them look like they were created for you—then you take care of them.

The collections that came out for spring were over-the-top, exuberant, and gorgeous colors. It was symbolic of people joyously bursting out of their cocoons. Everything sold out quickly because it was a tangible piece of hope. What do Delia and Alison see as the go-to trends for Summer 2021? Listen to the whole episode to hear their take!

The “less is more” concept of dressing

Alison and Delia believe in creating a wardrobe of core pieces. Once you’ve done that, you build in things around those pieces that encompass your unique personality. Alison believes you need to have camisoles, pristine t-shirts, button-downs, and blouses—the most basic pieces. Then you do black and navy pants, a black blazer, a slip dress, a little black dress, etc. as core pieces. 

When you get dressed, you go “Hmm, I want to wear this blazer that I love today, what do I pair it with?” You choose the top, then you pick the pant that works with it. You grab your shoe, bag, scarf, statement earring, etc. that wraps the package up. Can’t find things that fit perfectly? That’s okay! Both Delia and Alison are huge fans of getting things tailored to fit you perfectly. Listen to find out why that’s so important. 

What’s THE one thing a woman should invest in? Both Delia and Alison give an answer—it might surprise you. Listen to this episode of Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered to hear their take!

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